Southeast European Studies Student Symposium

    What is the SEES Student Symposium about?

    The Southeast European Studies (SEES) Student Symposium essentially constitutes an opportunity for students interested in Southeast Europe to connect. It serves as a platform for exchange and feedback on current research projects (seminar papers, bachelor’s and master’s theses, etc.) and more. We embrace a broad thematic spectrum (yet always regarding Southeast Europe!) and are curious to know what interests you. Therefore, we welcome presentations on papers and reports (also work in progress!) and explicitly encourage you to bring along the questions and doubts that emerge throughout the research process. We will try to collectively find answers to them during presentations, and later in dialogue with the audience. 

    As a meeting place, the Symposium provides a space for exchange about Southeast Europe. Last year’s Symposium witnessed plenty of open and insightful debates, and we hope the 2024 edition awaits the same. Along with presentations, this year’s programme includes keynotes, workshops, as well as cultural and creative activities. The Symposium’s main working languages are English and German, but if you would like to participate in another language, make sure to mention it in your application. However, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee discussions and moderation in every language. 

    Who do we address?

    We invite bachelor’s and master’s students, as well as master’s graduates who are currently in the application process for predoc and doctorate programmes, to discuss their current work and research projects. 

    We welcome contributions from disciplines such as cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics, history, political sciences, economics, law, and more, as long as the topic is related to Southeast Europe. By Southeast Europe, we understand all the countries listed below (1). 


    Please register for the symposium, even if you are already listed as a speaker.
    The attendance of the workshops is limited. Places are allocated according to the principle first come first serve. Participants who also present have priority however.

    Please note that the deadline for handing in abstracts to present or hold a workshop has passed. This form is thus only for participating in the symposium as audience. 

    You can find the programme linked above.

    In case of questions, please send an email at 

    Vom 04.04.2024
    bis 06.04.2024

    Ort: Online via Zoom


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