International Expert Meeting (Hybrid)

Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development in Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia

The State of Affairs and the Challenges for Domestic and Trans-Border Cooperation

    From September 9-17, about 25 members of the German Southeast Europe Association will be on a study trip, exploring some of the most outstanding landscapes in the border regions of North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. Traveling through some of the hotspots of biodiversity on European scale, and meeting experts, activists and citizens, we will concentrate on the question of how to preserve a unique natural environment while at the same time maintain or achieve a sustainable living for the local population. 

    The meeting with experts on September 13 in Prizren will be one of the most important elements of our tour.  It is also a continuation of a dialogue on “Biodiversity and Nature Conservation in the Western Balkans” that we, the Southeast Europe Association, have organized during the last few years,  involving some of the major stakeholders in the region. The event will be open to a selected audience in presence and will be accessible to a larger audience via ZOOM.
    The meeting, with three rounds of discussion, will be held mostly in a dialogue format, without extensive presentations from the speakers.

    Please find the draft program linked on the right side of this page.

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    If you are interested in joining us in person in Prizren, please contact us: