Why become a member?

Forms of Membership

The Southeast Europe Association consists of ordinary members, supporting members, honorary members and corresponding members.

Natural and legal persons who are willing to support the goals of the Association can become supporting members.

Natural persons who cooperate closely with the Association may be appointed corresponding members by the Managing Board.

General Membership

Members of the Association are united by their interest in Southeast Europe. With nearly 700 members, the Southeast Europe Association gathers a pool of experts and relevant interested parties from academia, politics, business, diplomacy, media, and non-governmental organizations, primarily from German-speaking countries.

You can participate in our events in Berlin, Munich, one of our branch offices or online to get in touch with like-minded people and make new contacts. A good overview is provided by our SOG login, which allows you to search for other members with similar country and topical focus.

As a member, you are invited to actively contribute to the SOG's activities. Discuss the topics that particularly interest you with experts at our conferences and lectures. Organize your own event as a junior member. Contribute as an author to the content of our journal Südosteuropa Mitteilungen. The heads of the branch offices are looking forward to your suggestions and contributions.

SOG members receive the journal Südosteuropa Mitteilungen (6 issues per year) free of charge and are informed about the activities of the Southeast Europe Association in regular newsletters. They have access to the SOG network in the login area as well as issues of Südosteuropa Mitteilungen from earlier years in a digital format. With its regular field trips, the Association offers its members a unique opportunity to explore Southeast Europe.

Every two years, the members of the Association elect from among its members the president, the treasurer, up to 5 vice-presidents, and up to 15 assessors of the managing board at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Application

You can apply for an ordinary and supporting membership of the Southeast Europe Association via our online form. The managing board decides on the admission at its following meeting (usually in February, July and October of each year).

The membership fee of the SOG is currently € 100,-/year, reduced (students, job seekers, trainees) € 30,-/year, married couples € 150,-/year, supporting members € 250,-/year. Membership fees and donations are tax-deductible.

The office team will be happy to answer your questions regarding membership.

Corresponding Members

Corresponding members are personalities from the international research community on Southeast Europe, mostly from our partner countries, who cooperate in a special way with the Southeast Europe Association. They are appointed by the managing board.

Corresponding members of the Southeast Europe Association are currently:

Berend Iván, Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult., Los Angeles, USA (since 1989)

Gosar Anton, Prof. Dr., Portorose, Slovenia (since 2015)

Pitassio Armando, Prof., Monte del Lago-Magione (PG), Italy (since 2007)

Schreiber Wilfried, Prof. Dr., Cluj-Napoca, Romania (since 2014)

Siupiur Elena, Dr. Dr.h.c., Bucharest, Romania (since 2006)

Suppan Arnold, Prof. Dr., Vienna, Austria (since 1989)

Svolopoulos Constantine, Prof. Dr., Athens, Greece (since 1985)

Veremis Thanos, Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c., Athens, Greece (since 1994)

Zub Alexandru, Prof. Dr., Iaşi, Romania (since 1997).