Young SOG

The Young SOG is an association of young members of the Southeast Europe Association up to and including 35 years of age or who are still in the professional or academic qualification phase.

The Young SOG represents the interests and concerns of the young members within the SOG, it promotes networking and supports the exchange of knowledge and the thematic as well as professional training of the young members. To achieve these goals, the Young SOG organises its own events and activities.


Various working groups of the Young SOG are in the process of being formed.


If you would like to join the Young SOG and are not yet a member, you can apply for membership here.

Are you already a member and would like to join the Young SOG? Then please contact the office directly at


Every year, the Young SOG elects two spokespersons who coordinate the tasks and activities of the Young SOG and represent the interests of the Young SOG in the committees of the SOG.

(Interim) Spokesperson

Zsófia Turóczy

Studied German, Hungarian literature and linguistics as well as journalism in Budapest and then Southeast European studies in Jena. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Leipzig and researches elite networks in Southeast Europe from a historical perspective, images of the self and of others, and the culture of memory. In addition to her home country, Hungary, her research has taken her to Turkey, Kosovo and Albania - in the latter she spent two years as a DAAD language assistant.

(Interim) Spokesperson

Philip Piljić

Master’s student at the University of Graz, graduating in Southeast European Studies with a focus on the history of Southeast Europe. Originally from Munich, he studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, where he successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in political science in 2023 with his bachelor’s thesis on the ‛Islamic Declaration’ (Alija Izetbegović). For several semesters, he also worked as a tutor for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and completed a voluntary full-time internship at the Institute for German Culture and History of Southeast Europe. What fascinates him most about his current degree programme, apart from its interdisciplinary focus, is the opportunity to meet ambitious people who share his passion and love for Southeast Europe.

If you need further information or have specific questions, please contact the spokespersons of the Young SOG directly.



NEWBORN - Identitätsfindung im jungen Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo, from 09/18/24 to 09/22/24



SEE! Berufe im Profil mit Antje Müller

online via Zoom, at 07/08/24

Entdecke vielfältige Karrierewege mit Südosteuropa-Bezug


SEE! Career Prospects with Aleksandra Tomanić

Online via Zoom, at 04/06/24


Southeast European Studies Student Symposium

Online via Zoom, from 04/04/24 to 04/06/24

11th Dr. Fritz Exner Colloquium

Offenes Thema: Aktuelle Forschungen zu Südosteuropa

Europa-Universität Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, from 03/20/24 to 03/22/24


Video Journalism in and on Southeast Europe

Universität Graz, Elisabethspraße 59/III, SR 81.31., at 03/15/24


SEE! Berufe im Profil mit Prof. Dr. Jana Osterkamp

Online via Zoom, at 02/21/24

Entdecke vielfältige Karrierewege mit Südosteuropa-Bezug


SEE! Berufe im Profil

Online via Zoom, at 12/11/23

Entdecke vielfältige Karrierewege mit Südosteuropa-Bezug!