Panel Discussion

The Western Balkan countries, the Council of Europe and the European Union – towards more European unity?


The 2019-2022 Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey (Horizontal Facility II) is a co-operation initiative established by the Council of Europe and the European Union to assist the countries of the Western Balkans (as well as Turkey) in meeting Council of Europe standards and EU rules and accession criteria. Supporting Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo in strengthening democracy, the rule of law and human rights is to be the role played by the Council of Europe hand in hand with the European Union. Within the framework of a strategic partnership, both organizations promote the enlargement process of the European Union.

Our two experts, Prof. Nußberger, former Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights and member of the Venice Commission, and Mr. Flessenkemper, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade and member of the Presidium of the Southeast Europe Association (Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft), will talk about how the creation of conditions for more democratic resilience and respect for the rule of law can be legally and factually implemented.



Welcome at Kerpener Straße 30, 50937 Cologne


Presentation by Prof. Nußberger on the European Convention on Human Rights and the work of the Venice Commission in Western Balkan states: How is democracy promotion done legally?


Presentation by Mr. Flessenkemper on intergovernmental cooperation from the secretariat's point of view: How is democracy promotion balanced and implemented? How does the cooperation relationship with the European Union look like?


Discussion/question session


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Am 18.09.2023, 18:00 h

Venue: Akademie für europäischen Menschenrechtsschutz, Universität zu Köln, Kerpener Straße 30, 50937 Cologne

Western BalkansEuropean / transatlantic Integration