Film Screening and Discussion

Dhikr - The Dervish Ritual in Skopje

  • © Viktor Trajanovski

    © Viktor Trajanovski

    “Dhikr - The Dervish Ritual in Skopje” is an ethnographic documentation by Viktor Trajanovski (2019, 33 min). This film presents a religious ritual called dhikr. The recorded dhikr is performed by the members of several Sufi orders (tariqa) in Skopje (North Macedonia). Among these are Qadiri, Rifai, Sadiyye and Khalwati-Karabashi. The film shows all phases of the ritual, from the start until the state of a trance, when the devotees cut themselves with sharp objects, proving the aim of the ritual – to be united with Allah. The ritual is complemented by an introduction from the main informant Amet Sheh from the Rifai order who explains the ritual from the Sufi perspective.

    The film is shown in Macedonian language, with English subtitles. After the film screening, there will be a discussion with Viktor Trajanovski (film director), Filip Jordanov (director of photograpy), and Amet Sheh (main informant). The discussion will be held in English. A translation into Macedonian is possible.


    Dr. Viktor Tajanovski (UKIM Skopje): Film Director
    Filip Jordanov: Director of Photography
    Sheh Amet (Rifai Tariqa): Main Informant

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    The event is organized and hosted by the Institute of Slavistics and Caucasus Studies at the University Friedrich Schiller in Jena and the Branch of Southeast Europe Association in Jena.

    Am 21.06.2021, 16:00 Uhr

    Ort: Zoom

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