Music Production in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the War (1992-1995)

Speaker: Dr. phil. Petra Hamer, Cultural Anthropologist, Graz

  • © Petra Hamer

    © Petra Hamer

    During the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992-1995) the songs like Wind of change by Scorpions, Run to the hills by Iron Maiden, or Tek je 12 sati by Croatian band E.T. were one of the most popular songs. However, they were not broadcasted on government controlled radio and TV stations, but rather on private ones. 

    What else was popular during the war? Was there even a music scene, if biggest cities were occupied and/or besieged? Who were the singers and what kind of music did they compose? What were the means of this music?  

    This lecture will not just answer the above questions, but will give an insight on music production in B-H during the war in relation to political situation and will present the most significant examples of B-H war music production.    


    Dr. phil. Petra Hamer, Cultural Anthropologist, Graz


    Dr. Elisa Satjukow, Research Fellow, East and Southeast European History, Leipzig University
    / Member of the Board, Southeast Europe Association

    Biographical Note

    Slovenian ethnologist and cultural anthropologist Petra Hamer (1988) finished her PhD studies at the Centre for Southeast European Studies in Graz in 2021, exploring music production of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian army in relation to the question of national identity. She is interested in popular music and culture, the dissolution of Yugoslavia with a special focus on Bosnia-Herzegovina, and cultural production during wartime.

    The event continues the series of “Young Talks” organized by the SOG's young members.


    Am 20.06.2022, 16:00 Uhr

    Ort: Online via Zoom

    Bosnien und HerzegowinaKulturwissenschaften / Ethnologie