Ottoman Eastern Borderlands: Reform and Security (1895-1899)

Vortragender: İlkay Yılmaz, Freie Universitaet Berlin


This study analyses the transformation of the political landscape within the Ottoman eastern borderlands from 1895 to 1899, following the Memorandum of Great Powers in 1895. Focusing on the intricate dynamics between internal colonialization and security policies, the study reevaluates the entanglements of European colonial techniques and Ottoman internal colonialism. Central to the analysis are the administrative tools and the institutional security memory, shedding light on the reports and proposals of Shakir Pasha, the General Inspectorate of Anatolia. By scrutinizing these historical documents, the talk elucidates the construction of political geography within borderlands, which was intricately linked to the establishment of security infrastructure, often entailing prolonged violence against the Armenian community.

Im Rahmen des Kolloquiums: Forschungsprobleme der Geschichte Ost- und Südosteuropas/Kolloquium: Grundprobleme der Geschichte Ost- und Südosteuropas. 

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