International Conference

Moldova – Key Challenges and Political Developments


    Europäische Akademie Berlin
    Bismarckallee 46/48, 14193 Berlin



    Conference Committee:

    Wim van Meurs, Professor of European Political History, Radboud University Nijmegen
    Hansjörg Brey, Executive Director, Southeast Europe Association, Munich
    Christian Hagemann, Deputy Director, Southeast Europe Association, Munich



    The workshop offers high-level experts and practitioners an opportunity to exchange insights and ideas on pressing issues on Moldova’s current agenda. It also aims to give decision-makers and observers in Germany the necessary background information to assess the latest developments in the country. In order to benefit from participants’ expert knowledge, the panels only include brief inputs to start the discussion and are then open for contributions from all participants. The workshop will take place under Chatham House Rules in order to facilitate an unrestricted and open exchange of views and ideas.