Online Book Presentation

Discourse and Affect in Postsocialist Bosnia and Herzegovina: Peripheral Selves

Danijela Majstorović, 2021



Danijela Majstorović, Professor of English Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dr. Aleksandra Salamurović, Deputy Head of the Jena Branch of SEE Association.

'Discourse and Affect in Postsocialist Bosnia and Herzegovina. Peripheral Selves' looks at the making and breaking of peripheral selves in and from pstsocialist Bosnia in an empirically rich self-reflexive account of the documented politico-economic and ideological developments. It is a valuable and topical resource for social researchers, discourse and affect scholars, practitioners of cultural studies, peace and conflict studies, political scientists and sociologists, especially those interested in current developments in post-Dayton Bosnia.

Am 25.01.2022, 18:00 h

Venue: Online via Zoom

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