Post-Yugoslav Metamuseums. Reframing Second World War Heritage in Postconflict Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia

Author: Nataša Jagdhuhn


This study analyzes how Second World War heritage is being reframed in the memorial museums of the post-socialist, post-conflict states of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. It argues that in all three countries, a reluctance to confront undesirable parts of their national histories is the root cause explaining why the state-funded Second World War memorial museums remain stuck in the postsocialist transition. The book appeals to students and academics working in the fields of heritage and museums studies, memory studies, and cultural history of Southeast-Europe.

Nataša Jagdhuhn is a Museologist whose research focuses on memory constructs in the successor states of Yugoslavia, museum transformation in the post-socialist countries of Europe, the history of museology from a Global South perspective, and current debates on decolonizing heritage worldwide.


Dr. Olga Manojlović Pintar


Jun. Prof. Dr. Željana Tunić, Leiterin der SOG-Zweigstelle Halle



Am 24.05.2023, 18:00 h

Venue: Online

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